a new contemporary trousseau

Aussteuer poses a review of the family’s trousseau, an archaeological journey to the emotional refuge in order to provide a proposal of future: a new trousseau, a selection of textile pieces that contain a heritage which can be equally given in an ascending, descending and horizontal direction, creating and recognizing new families. There is a willing of pointing out the value of textile by qualifying it as art, detaching the textile pieces from an exclusive action done in the domestic private area by an approved woman. Each component of this selection wants to represent the most abstract part of the heritage; values, which are shown in all factors involved on the project, in a more or less explicit way, such as in the materials and the technique, as well as in the graphic narrative itself, always keeping the symbolic and obvious format related to a trousseau, such as textile.
key words: woman, family, heritage, memory, trousseau, textile, embroidery, screen printing, engraving, jewellery, boîte-en-valise